Composite Cladding, Glass, Metal and Steel Fabricators Sydney.

We have been in the construction business since 1987 and specialise in metal fabrication (steel, stainless steel, aluminium), architectural glasswork and industrial composite cladding.

The team at MADE enjoy the challenges and variety that large projects require and smaller high-quality projects can demand. We focus on the front end of the project to ensure the tail follows in place and in time.

We believe the devil is in the design and we concentrate on getting the design right, thus ensuring that the procurement, fabrication and installation can flow as smoothly as humanly possible, whilst a critical management oversight of all the activities at all stages ensures that the program is met and the highest quality maintained.

Our Design and Fabrication Expertise 

From Concept and Design to Fabrication and Completion

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We have extensive experience with a wide range of materials, and while they have their own particular procurement challenges, the real challenge we find is in resolving the design issues from concept to fabrication and ensuring that there is always a little room for error between the structural elements and the finished elements particularly with regards the as build conditions as opposed to the approved design contract drawings.

Our factory is operated by a team of highly experienced and dedicated metalworkers and designers whose specialities focus on high-value glass, stainless steel and metal fabrication and specialised component engineering.

Having direct access to these specialised plant and human recourses enables our team to:

  • Respond quickly to the immediate needs of our site staff, thus reducing delays that often occur as a result of the dynamic conditions that inevitably occur on a building site.
  • Maintain high quality and tolerances without compromise for complex component fabrication of elements on the critical path.

We complement our in-house production by outsourcing much of our more straight forward fabrication to a reliable network of specialist fabricators across Sydney and in Asia.

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